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Priva develops custom Internet Solutions for both large and small organizations: from mission critical E-Commerce deployments to professional websites for the small business entrepreneur.

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  • Sierra Tucson
  • Danbury Mint
  • The World Bank
  • Timothy Herron
  • Pandemic101
  • Legacy Motors


The Big Payback - Casino Directory

Here's a sneak-peak of The Big Payback - a comprehensive casino directory and search engine. Coming Soon!


Case Western Reserve University - Weather School of Management

Development of three standalone Visual Basic .NET applications to look at the mortgage decision making process.


Accurate Data Partners

Accurate Data Partners provides the best value for small business in the areas of data protection, privacy and identity theft. Organizations can become compliant though a unique video training interface and associated materials.


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"Priva really knows their stuff. They redesigned our website, and I am delighted with the results -- they nailed the design. Many customers have told us how much they like the site, but more importantly we love it. Tim also convinced us to keep our existing domain name because of credibility it already had with Google, something we would have totally missed, which looks like it's going to have huge SEO benefits. Just getting this one detail right looks like it will be worth Priva's entire fee."
"Working with Priva for several years as our company's web host was a pleasure. They were accessible, dependable, and always accomplished what we needed! Priva continues to provide an email service for us, and I still appreciate working with them."